Philosophy Communication Hired to Help “Tell the Story” of Natural Grocers
March 18, 2015 at 1:57 pm 0
DENVER, Co., March 18, 2015 – Philosophy Communication is expanding its food and agriculture business with the addition of Natural Grocers (NYSE: NGVC) to its client roster. Natural Grocers hired Philosophy Communication to help communicate new store openings throughout the western United States and to help tell the Natural Grocers story in both traditional and new media. “Food and agriculture is an industry near and dear to Philosophy’s heart. We believe, just like Natural Grocers, that fresh, healthy food that tastes amazing should be on everyone’s plate at mealtime. We’re excited to have a client that so closely aligns with our corporate and individual beliefs and are excited to tell the Natural Grocers story far and wide,” said Jennifer Miller, Philosophy Communication co-founder and partner. Currently, Natural Grocers has 94 stores in 16 states, employing more than 2,000 people. As consumers increasingly seek out healthy, affordable shopping choices, Natural Grocers continues to expand its geographic footprint, and Philosophy Communication is helping to promote its expansion efforts. Philosophy has an established track record creating award-winning campaigns for food and agriculture businesses, helping tell the stories of some of Colorado’s and the nation’s most notable brands, including Caribou Coffee, Smashburger, Quiznos, T.G.I. Friday’s, Tres Picosos burritos, Loredana’s pestos and spreads, JawBox Jerky, Cheatin’ Wheat, the Colorado Department of Agriculture and Colorado Proud, the state organization that encourages counsumers to buy Colorado food and agriculture products that are grown, raised or processed in the state. To celebrate Philosophy’s food and agriculture business, the firm is launching an internal campaign called “Philosophy Eats In.” The company’s staff will divide into teams, and each team will prepare a lunch to share with the office. The catch is that each team must shop primarily at Natural Grocers and/or use Colorado Proud products to prepare its lunch within a set budget. Follow along at philosophy-eats-in.com to see how each team plans, shops, prepares and serves one of three lunches: paleo, vegetarian and local. Visit www.philosophycommunication.com or www.philosophy-eats-in.com for more information. For Media Inquiries Contact: Lucy McNamara 303-249-6962 lmcnamara@philosophycommunication.com